• Sci-fi should inspire us with the mystery of new alien races, the wonder of new places, and the geekiness of technical gadgetry.

    This dreck is NOT sci-fi. It's non-stop soldiering, in which the bad guys are without personality, without empathy, without brains. Oh, and...the good guys, too, are without personality, without empathy, and without brains.

    Every episode, the problem is violence and the solution is violence. Guns, guns, guns... this is NOT sci-fi. A kid watching this will learn life-lessons that do not include socializing, invention, nonviolence, or science.

    The only character that's even remotely memorable (and not nonstop violent) is a Scottish engineer. *polite coughing* Clearly, the writers couldn't be bothered to be original, and borrowed the bio of Star Trek's "Scotty" and the twitchy personality of Star Trek's "Bones".

    "Stargate: Atlantis" is as boring as a 1980s video game.