• Rachel (Emily Parker) has an unhealthy fixation with Paul, her dentist, when she's not sneaking in his house to spy on him, she's mutilating her mouth in order to see him and deviously planning to make the happily married dentist her own. Turns out that her father experimented on her messing up her brain real bad or some such nonsense.

    The acting is sub-par for the most part and the plot-line is a tad too silly to take seriously. I'm glad that I found this on Instant Netflix so it's not like I went out of my way to view it, or wasted my money on it, if I did it's likely that I'd be harder on the film than I am now. It's not all bad, as Miss Parker has fairly nice breasts but maybe I'm just stretching to think of anything that I liked about the film.

    Eye Candy: Emily Parker & Aidan Sullivan both get topless, but Aidan only shows her left breast

    My Grade: D-