• Drama / Comedy + inspirational sports done well, you cannot beat it. And On A Clear Day is done very well indeed: a very good tale about redundancy and new hope in Scotland told with a glint in the eye and a spring in the step.

    It also follows along in Brassed Off and Full Monty's line: it is about how we find dignity (And the only two missed opportunities for me in the film were not to use Wyatt's brilliant Shipbuilding and Deacon Blue's Dignity as soundtrack songs).

    When Frank (Peter Mullan is typical acerbic form) is made redundant he falls to pieces. His mates are there but nothing is clicking. He sets himself an impossible task: to swim the English Channel - he has his personal reasons (Which give the film a deeper edge).

    But film isn't just about technique or script or even acting: it's as much about the overall effect and this scores very big in this respect.

    This is a film with huge heart and it is nearly impossible not to be moved or inspired by it.

    There may be better films out there, but seriously, there weren't many others from 2005 that we simply loved this much.