• 1st watched 1/1/2010 – 3 out of 10 (Dir-Ann Hui): Mixed-up mess of a movie about a stuntwoman and her experiences on and off the set. Michelle Yeah plays the woman who gets work with a crew making what appears to be a low budget kung fu movie in a very un-Hollywood- like set. She is really well liked by the director(Aka. The Boss) and everyone else and then gets more and more responsibilities. A gang randomly attacks the crew every once in awhile and causes havoc(this creates kind of a sub-plot). She has a brief romance with a restaurant owner, goes away from the business, but eventually comes back when this doesn't work out. The gang eventually kills the boss and then she's left to take care of the son, since she feels responsible as part of the crews family. This is basically the whole movie. Every incident seems to happen very quickly without much lead or development done for the characters. The movie comes across like it was chopped to pieces and was intended to be much longer. Characters come in and out of the story, things happen to them, and then we go onto the next scene. There is a central core of characters but in my opinion, this movie shows us a very shoddy bit of directing by an acclaimed Ann Hui. This could have been a good expose on this type of work but instead we get kind of a messed-up soap opera of a movie. If there is a longer director's cut that would be interesting to see but I don't know if it would improve the movie. The makers really come across like they really didn't know what kind of movie they wanted to make and it shows. Avoid this one.