• Warning: Spoilers
    I haven't seen this movie in years. So I got it streamed through Netfix. I want say I remember it was not suppose to be a good movie when it came out. I saw it with my parents and all I could remember is the songs and Natalie Wood.

    On second viewing I find this film was very underrated. Natalie Wood actually pulls off being a 15 year old. I think because she is only 4"9' and is very petite. She announces to her mother, Ruth Gordon, she can sing and she goes for a audition and they like her. Ruth GOrdon is at her eccentric best. But it is sad what happens when Daisy's near to do well sister takes things in her own hands. Since Daisy is a minor.

    Christopher Plummer is excellent as the merciless studio head. When Daisy has a emotional breakdown, Plummer makes no qualms about her position with him, even though she had been carry on a affair with him. He asks the doctor if she can go to work and if she cannot go to work make her certifiable so I can get the money from insurance. He goes on to tell he she is there to make him money, not the opposite and promptly fires her nurse.. It was a great scene. It is a a more really about making movies more then about Daisy Clover, and the stars She is just the device they use. Robert Redford is some Errol FLynn type and sweeps the 16 year old Daisy off her feet. One would have to be blind not to see a train wreck coming. But he tells her things he knows she wants to hear and he even pays attention to her grandmother. All I have to say when she marries him , look up what happened to Jean Harlow on her wedding night to Paul Bern. Not quite as deadly but... you get the idea. I think Daisy is a variety of characters but mostly Judy Garland with a little Deanna Durbin, evident by the end and how Miss Durbin left Hollywood at a very young age.

    All in all I liked the movie. Wood is great and she looks like she is having a great time. Plummer should of gotten a Oscar for his role or at least nominated. Ruth Gordon was good but her roles diminishes greatly after Daisy became famous. And Redford is great playing the louse. Gee they still haven't figured out how to get rid of those bumps on his cheek. lol. .