• Warning: Spoilers
    Coming from an average gamer (I own a Wii, not an Xbox) this movie is awesome, if you understand the world of Xbox Live and it's alikes you will enjoy this movie and probably not gonna play in a week or so, of course if your morals are in the right place.

    The movie is a mixture of sci-fi stories warnings of technology like 1984, eXistenZ, Tron and The Running Man.

    The story centers around Kable, the Master Chief/Marcus Phoenix of a game called "Slayers" which have a lot of similarities to Halo and Gears Of War. His mission is just to survive 30 battles and then be released to resume his life, the problem is that Kable just doesn't know what's life anymore and his only purpose is to play the game because he's so immerse in the world of Slayers. In his psyche he knows he's being controlled but still fights for searching the truth and go back to his family.

    I'm not gonna go deeper in the story because it's so hard to tell, If you are a Gamer watch the movie, it's only 1 hour 25 minutes and if you don't like it you're time won't be as wasted as on other films.

    I truly think this movie had some original aspects to it and the censorship really left this movie unseen because you can watch the horrors of how a cyber-person thinks and feels.

    Just imagine a little bit of Tron, a little more of eXistenZ, and a heavy amount of Steroids to make this movie. It's just awesome but VIEWER BEWARE: THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.