• Warning: Spoilers
    This is a chick's only TV series. Many women will love it, most men will hate it. It's a soap, that pretends not to be, about 4 friends who have various "shagging" relationships. They get together and giggle about their different slants on men and sex. Occasionally they call each other out on the goings on, but their nails remain mostly sheathed.

    One of them is a Doctor who had an affair with a dying patient and then helped off him (mercy killing), As if this high breach of ethics isn't enough she then takes on his son when he comes around mewling about needing to find his father's mistress. She sees him as a patient, even though she's a G.P. and he has no medical issues other than his mewling, and we all know where it's going to end up, and break up, and make up.

    One is a Business woman who is desperately trying to have a child with her even more desperate husband. When his desperation gets too clinical, she shags an office co-worker, regrets it, then when her husband discovers he's sterile and naturally goes into depressed mode, she goes back to her co-worker "for some shagging comfort" and of course gets pregnant, as we all knew she would. Poor thing is torn between her pity for her "nice" husband and her sexy lover.

    Then there is the gorgeous wedding planner who is shagging her boss and decides to shag the Lesbian bride to be on wedding eve. I am not making this up! Then she mewls about not being sure if she's AC or DC.

    The last woman, a widow, has the most morally straight compass of the 4, but gets side tracked from her interest in a new man by the arrival of dead hubbie's mistress (and tot). Oh did I mention that he died on 9/11 and she just got a check for a million.

    Anyway, the wife loves it and I've been banned to either silence from growling while watching or coming and typing this.