• Warning: Spoilers
    I am so disappointed in the direction this show has gone in with its second season. The first season of Sanctuary had so much promise. I loved the atmosphere of mystery and the mixture of supernatural and science fiction elements, and the virtual sets they used allowed them to create a world that closed in around those elements. The acting was excellent, and the characters well rounded. But alas, it seems that the producers have abandoned all of that for an amped up, action show with shoot-em-ups and monster attacks. They have abandoned much of the virtual sets concept and have gone to real-world settings, which totally ruins the atmosphere of the show. They have turned the Sanctuary itself from a secretive organization to a para-military organization that has its own Navy! COME ON! Gone is the mystery, and here comes the explosions! It really is sad because this series was so different and fresh in the beginning, as was Amanda Tapping's portrayal of Helen Magnus. But for her character as well, she has changed and not for the better. They have basically turned her into science genius with a gun, another Sam Carter but with dark hair and a Victorian accent. And I really do think she has a better acting range than that, because she showed it in the first season. And the new characters they have brought in (with the exception of Tesla) are irritating. I watched it through the season finale for Season 2, but I think I am going to drop the show from my viewing list. I have to say it again...too bad. This show had such promise. Now, I think it will end up more of a staple of Sci-Fi Saturday movies (bad monster flicks) because that is where the material is heading.