• As has been stated, this is Lucio's last film. I watched it last night and I happen to think it's one of his best. It has aged well.

    The plot is simple enough: a guy is trying to get home to Baton Rouge from what I will guess was New Orleans, judging from the opening scene on Lake Ponchartrain bridge. The highway is shut down ahead, so he has to take backroads. He starts to see a mysterious lady who seems to be wherever he goes. Also getting on his nerves is a hearse whose driver seems to be a road hog in the most serious way. The guy starts to go mad and begins to discover that what is in the back of the hearse is a surreal nightmare. He plunges into a world of insanity and dreamlike terror that lasts the whole film.

    "Door To Silence" is best viewed with no expectations. That's how I watched it and I was pleasantly surprised. It does not have gore like other Fulci greats, but it does contain some genuine suspense and nail-biting tension, something that is hardly found in other Fulci movies.

    As Fulci's last, this one has not garnered the kind of attention that "Zombi 2" and "The Beyond" have...but I really liked it and I think if you're a true fan of this guy, you will appreciate it's grindhouse appeal and genuinely creepy atmosphere.

    9 out of 10, kids.