• Warning: Spoilers
    This is one of the movies Natalie saw for extra credit in her "Sight, Sound, and Motion" course. I managed to see it via streaming video from Netflix.

    This is a French movie, set in Paris and the surrounding neighborhoods. As the film opens we see a woman driving a car at night, occasionally looking into her rearview mirror, at a person apparently asleep in the back seat, in overcoat and hat. But as she gets to a location near a canal, we see that it is a body, that of a lady, and she dumps it into the water. It looks like that is not the first time she carried this out.

    It turns out she works for a brilliant doctor, often referred to a "professor", who lectures on his research in human transplants. As he says, the difficulty is rejection of foreign tissue.

    It also turns out that the professor's daughter was badly injured in a car accident, while the doctor was driving. This resulted in most of her face being lost, but with eyes remaining, thus the title of the movie.

    As we know, every doctor takes an oath to heal people, to "never do harm." But this doctor is so distraught with what he views as his role in his daughter's injury, he goes to extraordinary measures to restore his daughter's face. And his nurse is a willing accomplice, because he had earlier restored her face too.

    This is a very well made film.

    SPOILERS: Young blonde ladies are targeted, and the nurse in one manner or another ends up offering them a ride somewhere, but they end up in the doctor's hidden clinic, where he sedates them, removes their face for transplanting to his daughter, then kills them. But in the end, when one more victim is staged, the daughter finally gets enough of the sham, in the process releasing all the dogs that the doctor had practiced on, and they end up attacking and killing the doctor.