• Warning: Spoilers
    To say that Harold Lamb (Lloyd) is excited about going to college is an understatement. He knows all the cheers, has read all the books and has even perfected a meet and greet dance that he saw in the movie "The College Hero" again and again and again!!! His parents aren't so sure - "if he tries that dance at college they'll either break his heart or his neck"!! During the movie his "freshie" friends try to do both. Beautiful Jobyna Ralston plays the girl - "the kind of girl your mother must have been" (so the title says). She helps out at her mother's boarding house where Harold is forced to live after treating the entire college to ice cream!!! She also works behind the cigarette counter at the college and sees first hand how Harold is treated by his "friends". They meet on the train over a crossword puzzle and it is love at first sight for the cute pair. When he steps off the train and goes into his "routine" he is secretly thought of as a college boob but Harold thinks he is on the first rung of the ladder to popularity.

    Even though there is no chase sequence there are plenty of laughs as "Speedy" (his nickname) fronts up to the college dance in a suit that is only half made and as the night progresses proceeds to lose pockets, sleeves etc until he is left only in his underwear!! Another stock part of college movies -Football - has a hilarious sequence as "Speedy" tries out for the team, doesn't make it but impresses the coach and top player with his spirit and determination. They allow him to believe he is on the team while in reality he is only the water boy!! In a really thrilling game Harold makes a few silly mistakes but gives his character grit and enthusiasm which is what made him popular with audiences of the 20s. His character didn't have the wistfulness of Chaplin's "the little tramp" or the "against all odds" personality of Keaton - he was a typical American go-getter and audiences loved him and laughed along with him and was there ever a more adorable girl to win his heart than Jobyna Ralston.

    The last scene has Harold, now truly popular, looking out of a window as the new "freshies" arrive by train and all are doing that crazy dance - Harold has created a craze!!!

    Highly, Highly Recommended.