• Warning: Spoilers
    Is it too enigmatic to be filmed or is this production just malformed? George Cukor's film of Lawrence Durrell's "Alexandria Quartet" stars Anouk Aimée as Justine, the seemingly amoral wife of a wealthy Egyptian, biding her time in 1930s Alexandria with a slew of lovers. There's a lot more going on, as young Irish poet Michael York slowly (perhaps too slowly) realizes. The film is never dull, but it does have a heavily edited feel to it, which is perhaps inevitable when collapsing four books into one screenplay. Cukor, who took over direction from Joseph Strick, offers up many colorful scenes full of many colorful characters. Unfortunately the film's lack of cohesion dooms it. Aimée is perfect for this role, she's always had a vacancy about her. York is a bit dull, but the supporting cast, including Dirk Bogarde, John Vernon, Jack Albertson (as a furrier with a very big secret), and Anna Karina, is terrific. Robert Forster plays a revolutionary and he has some of the best scenes. The great music score is by Jerry Goldsmith.