• In Paris, the successful forty and something year old book editor Diane Clovier (Brigitte Roüan) is married with the lawyer Philippe Clovier (Patrick Chesnais) and they have teenage son and daughter. Diane meets the young engineer Emilio (Boris Terral) that is the roommate of the writer François Narou (Nils Tavernier) that is working with her, and they have an intense love affair. Meanwhile, Philippe is defending their neighbor that has killed her unfaithful husband sticking a fork in his neck and one day he overhears a phone conversation of Diane and her lover. When Emilio ends their affair, Diane gets deeply depressed missing her juvenile love, neglecting her husband and children that leave her. Meanwhile, the novel of François is published and he tries to help his self-indulgent editor to recover her emotional balance and self-esteem.

    "Post Coïtum Animal Triste" is a dramatic romance about a woman in love and desire for a younger man. This film has a great performance of the director / actress Brigitte Roüan but the running time of 97 minutes is too long and the deserved a shorter edition. The situation of Diane, totally neglecting her son and her daughter, is unusual for a mother and I found her an unlikable character. The open conclusion is not clear and I do not know whether the intention of the author is to tell that Diane superseded her situation with her rebirth. I watched this movie on a VHS released by Cult Filmes distributor. My vote is five.

    Title (Brazil): "Post Coïtum Animal Triste" ("Post Coitum Sad Animal")