• Master Sardu and Ralphus deserve a status of semi-Gods. Both are repugnant characters that seem to enjoy torture, S&M, brutality, and attention.

    Everything gets out of control in this movie when ambition hits our main characters. But for the pleasure of fans of exploitation, we have violent, disgusting scenes involving sexual pain, gore, and torture.

    I consider this movie as a re-invention of "Blood Feast". It features almost the same violent sequences, the quality of gore, plot, and even score. But "Bloodsucking Freaks" is absolutely more disgusting mainly because of it's thematic.

    Sure, we the exploitation fans get more goodies like beautiful women, nakedness, gore, and torture devices.

    This is a classic of exploitation that should only be enjoyed by fans of the genre. Or in case that you can take extremely low budget involving bad acting, atrocious direction, over the top gore, a catchy score (love the piano), then you should consider spending/wasting your time on this one.

    You won't forget this one and after the repugnant climax, you will keep this one in your memory.