• Warning: Spoilers
    this started really well. drama was dealt with nicely, not too much, not too little. strong, deep characters and well coordinated character arcs. this lasted for like 2 series. afterward, it turned into this idiotic fruit salad, where everybody sleeps with everybody and nobody needs good reason to say or do anything. character arcs and descriptions were thrown into the garbage bin and I struggles hard to keep watching what used to be one of my favorite shows.

    so this is about the episode entitled "War".

    from the writing of this episode, I get it that the target audience is IQ bellow 80, with lots of prejudice and repressed mother issues. the writing is so bad in this episode, I have to wonder if it was written by or for monkeys.

    by the info they show in this episode and others, Violet IS ready. she did indeed "the work". so what happens goes against what the audience KNOWS, but nothing on the screen acknowledges this.

    the only problem I can think of is Violet did "the work" someplace else (not on display for her "friends"). By all possible judgment, she did what a responsible adult should do when faced with such a terrible tragedy, and what a therapist knows she needs to do to make it right. nice writing so far. very smart and it shows someone did their research. as we've got accustomed with, Violet is a great professional, even when dealing with personal issues.

    then it all goes rotten when the plot is twisted so that the most stupid conclusion seems to be right - except nothing in the plot supports it. other than the awful writing. (what happens when a plot goes a way that is not natural for the characters, but pushed by the writer's agenda).

    • the Judge says something really stupid - which basically means "I'm not gonna do my job and judge this, I'm gonna let your friends do it (despite their obvious personal agendas and emotional problems)". right. because "judges are...stupid"?

    -No specialist is called to testify, by either party. Seriously? although there are specialists there, their opinion should NOT count, and should NOT be aloud by the Judge because they are interested parties - yet it does and it is (hello bad writing).

    -the point where the "friends" are not ready to accept Violet has dealt with the attack, because the friends have not dealt with their own emotional stakes in it and because they has not witnessed her process of recovery - this is so obvious, yet it is not even mentioned in the film. why? the characters have been really smart, quite brilliant so far. the lawyers are presented as smart. and this is such an obvious point that the whole plot revolves around it.

    the "ordinary" person may not know that the way Violet dealt with the the attack is actually quite right, but the ordinary person is NOT a therapist, or a specialist. but there are such people in the film - that could and should have brought it up. there's a (formally) brilliant therapist - Violet herself, and her therapist from NY (who's NOT being called to testify for mysterious reasons). also her ex by, Sheldon?, who's never been an idiot before in this film, but now suddenly is - or simply acts out of character, by judging it as an uneducated person would instead of what the character is.

    so- what could've been a great episode, and a great lesson for the audience about how to best deal with personal tragedy, turned into a fruit-cake. lots of sugar, bad for your health. I guess the target audience is neither smart, nor educated - and they need to keep it like that. smart, educated audiences would cost more, and these writers would lose their respective jobs.

    had this been a producer's decision, I apologize to the writers. they had to sell their souls for food, cos that's the (real) world we live in, right?