• Stupor-Visor, The (1938)

    ** 1/2 (out of 4)

    Fair comedy short is pretty much a "battle of the sexes" debate as a husband (Jack Norton) and wife (Kitty McHugh) come up for a supervisor position and a war breaks out. She hires a women's right group to make sure the guys don't try to get away with anything. I had a decent time watching this short but at the same time you can't help but feel there was a lot more than could have been done with the material. We get a lot of simple and dated jokes like Norton saying women aren't smart enough to be in charge of anything and we get jokes with him stating that women should remain in the house. These get a very small laugh and that's it. Some of the more physical humor doesn't work too much better but these scenes include letting rats go in the women's office to scare them. Again, a small laugh but nothing big. The comic timing of Norton is all over the place and this uneven performance actually makes the film somewhat better as he comes off rather charming. McHugh fairs much better even though she doesn't get as many jokes to play with. In the end, this is a decent short that contains a few small laughs but this is certainly far from a classic.