• Warning: Spoilers
    Freshmen Orientation is a comedy about a guy who pretends he is gay to get closer to a girl he likes. She is going out with him to fulfill a sorority pledge challenge in which inductees have to date some sort of "freak" and then dump them to purposely be hurtful. The movie tries to get political when the main character starts attending support meetings for gay and lesbian students. We see plenty of stereotypes, none more pronounced than the militant activist lesbians who are ready to rally a protest at the drop of a hat. In the end, both characters admit they were being deceitful and they end up together after a heartfelt talk on a park bench.

    It wasn't so much that the acting was terrible, it was just that the script make the actors sound bad no matter how they delivered their lines. I liked the actress who was in charge of the sorority (she played Suzane Somers in a Three's Company t.v. movie that I really liked), and I kind of liked the ex-girlfriend who was now lesbian (the only likable character in the movie). The guy playing the lead is hopeless--you just can't expect someone with that little ability to carry an entire film.

    I think most people would agree that the images of gay and lesbian students in this movie are more damaging than progressive, even though I get the sense that there might have been good intentions behind the making of the film. Even though it tries to treat some of the characters with empathy and respect (the roommate, the ex), it just doesn't work in a crude sex comedy that appears to be marketed to horny high school boys. I hated it.