• Warning: Spoilers
    This is a great film. It is an almost satirical and comic look at "stardom" in Hollywood during the 1930s. Wood (in her mid to late 20s at the time) plays a teenager living in poverty in L.A. She has a great voice, and is discovered. The next thing you know she is the second coming of Judy Garland. She is exploited and used in every way. Christopher Plummer plays the tyrannical studio boss who bullies and intimidates her to make the most profit possible out of her stardom. Hia character is so brutally cynical and calculating.

    Robert Redford plays a Prima Donna actor who has no sincerity and no conscience. In an infamous scene, he leaves his wife (Wood) stranded at a motel in the middle of the desert. He is a charmer, but he is someone who has no conscience or sense of decency. He is all about his perceived stardom, which is probably on the wane at the time.

    I especially like Wood's role. She was able to show such depth and extremes of emotions. If her voice wasn't dubbed, she had a great voice, too. The best highlight of her talent is when she starts going insane over her fame. This role made me realize what a great actress she was.

    I also liked the subtle humor in the movie. It was obviously satirizing the inaneness of Hollywood. The musical songs were so brilliantly silly and simple minded. It reminded me of the songs in the movie Nashville. I liked many other scenes where it was obvious that the creators of this film were having a good time poking fun of Hollywood.