• Warning: Spoilers
    This film demanded a second take, especially because of the excellent twist at the end. And a second take still retained the virtual stomach punches and the empathy I felt for the fear and loathing pervading the lives of the bouncers.

    The shockingly crude language lends even more reality to the perilous nastiness that rules the doormen's existence.

    Yet within the scary setting there are some real belly-laughs:

    Louis: "Make a bit of noise and the whole army can be robbed of it's spirit. Sun Tzu." Louis exits. Sparky: "Who the **** is Sun Tzu?" Rob: "How do I know, I don't know all his mates do a?"

    Spotting which one was Neil Morrisey was quite a tease.

    Let me make myself 'crystal' it's expletive deletive brilliant British film-making.