• Warning: Spoilers
    1. An appearance of The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson at the end 2. When Angela (Tasha Smith) finally shut her trap 3. When the movie ended. I was put out of my misery.

    This movie sucked in every possible way. It was one of Tyler Perry's worse movies ever produced, written and directed, right behind Meet The Browns. The character Angela was a total embarrassment to all black people, and her situation was entirely unrealistic. In real life, her husband Marcus would have either fled the coop or engaged in domestic violence, knocking Angela's teeth out. Throughout the entire movie, her mouth and tongue yapped so much that I ended up having a migraine, but I was determined to finish watching the movie so I could see Janet Jackson's performance, especially since she's been receiving so many rave reviews. She did come out of her normal comfort zone and let loose, but was it Oscar worthy? Well, if you compare her performance to others who have recently won an Oscar then "yeah, I guess she should have one too... Pass it around!"

    There was no chemistry with any of the couples, except for Sheila and Troy. Tyler Perry looks so uncomfortable in all of his intimate scenes, as well as the one who plays his wife, she looks as though she detest touching him. Mike's appearance was pointless. No one accomplished anything in this movie. I presume Gavin's death and Patricia's statement of "Love one another" was the ultimate message in this movie... Work out your problems and love, because tomorrow is not promised. Despite the moral message, the movie sucked. Bad acting, poor chemistry, weak plot, poor direction, stereotypical buffoonery = 2 thumbs down.