• Warning: Spoilers
    Sub-par CGI aside, this movie is actually not that bad. We have a pretty good and plausible plot, decent acting, some ancient folklore, reality in that when firing on someone you take down the horse first (nothing graphic though), nasty/bad guys (but not over the top), decent people, and some monsters out on the prairie eating up people, and only so because certain people did away with their major food source. The movie managed to address certain sociological and political issues without being preachy, and it worked well with what was going on. All of the characters were believable. Where it fell down was, as mentioned above, and by a few others, the bad F/X. SPOILER ALERT! What would have made this movie even better, and more suspenseful than it already was, was to not really ever have the audience see The Burrowers, other than a face flashing by. It was tense without ever seeing them. Also, when the Burrowers went for the bait have the bait only in the moonlight, and we'd only see an occasional claw/hand or face, but mostly just see the beasts in shadow. Can movies be fixed/updated? If so, fix the little problems here and I'm buying this one.