• Warning: Spoilers
    In Paris, the businessman Miles Rennberg (Michael Madsen) is ruined after bad investments and tells his partner Andrew (Alex Descas) that he will sell his share to the company Golden Eagle. When Miles meets the former prostitute Sandra (Asia Argento), she recalls her love for him and their kinky sex. Miles used her services to entertain and get inside information from other entrepreneurs and used to feel excited with their dirty sex. Sandra is presently working with Sue (Kelly Lin) and her husband Lester Wong (Carl Ng) and dreams on having her night-club in Beijing; further, she is the lover of Lester. One night, Sandra visits Miles in his apartment and she handcuffs him in the preliminaries of their sex game; nevertheless, she unexpectedly shots him in the nape. Then she meets Lester, who had a contract to kill Miles, and he gives the tickets and directions to Sandra to travel to Hong Kong and meet his friend Mr. Ho (Boss Mok). Lester would meet her later and get their money. When Sandra discovers that she had been betrayed and Lester would not arrive in Hong Kong, she needs to fight to survive in a hostile environment.

    "Boarding Gate" is a film with a good story of betrayal but unfortunately with a terrible screenplay. The plot is a complete mess but Asia Argento saves the film, at least for fans of this actress like me. She is sexy performing her perverted but confused character that is capable of having kinky sex with strangers and fall in love for two scumbags. It is difficult to understand her contradictory character that was a prostitute but refuses the money she earned for killing Miles. The film also makes a confused tour and in the beginning is very difficult to understand that the story takes place in Paris. My vote is six.

    Title (Brazil): "Traição em Hong Kong" ("Betrayal in Hong Kong")