• Warning: Spoilers
    A remarkable film where Natalie Wood gives her everything to the title part. This is definitely a story of frustration and that success cannot buy everything.

    Ruth Gordon, her mother in the film, received a best supporting actress nomination. Shame is that after several excellent opening scenes, Gordon is not heard from again until the near end of the film. (She lost the coveted Oscar to Shelley Winters for "A Patch of Blue.")

    Christopher Plummer is a standout as the hard driving, nasty producer Swan who uses Wood so as to make more money for the studio. He has no personal regard whatsoever. There are two scenes where his swagger is similar to his role of Captain Von Trapp in "The Sound of Music," which was made in the same year as this film.

    The curious part here is played by Robert Redford. He is also a star who has a problem with drinking. He weds Wood only to leave her for homosexual pursuits. This comes from out of the blue and is delicately left alone. Was this a takeoff on Rock Hudson?

    Katherine Bard is effective as Plummer's long-suffering wife.

    Wood's voice steadily improves as the film progresses.