• Warning: Spoilers
    Hitler's Grave at the first glance is a simple story about an Iranian woman (played flawlessly by the great Iranian beauty, Taies Farzan)whose brother asks her to go to Berlin and find Hitler's Grave plus one more favor.the brother dies right after she gives her word to deliver both promises, and then, we start the film with the woman in Berlin this movie is a final revolution in a deeper sense than that of a mission to find the grave. number one there is no grave. number 2 the author (shokof himself has done a brilliant job again in writing another unique and mind blowing script)uses every chance to make sure that the story is really not limited to finding Hitler#S grave BUT IS MUCH DEEPER THAN ANYTHING ANYONE COULD EVEN THINK OF UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE OF THE FILM WHERE WE FINALLY know what the whole story is about. number 3 is the beautiful directing in a Docu-Fictional narrative style which draws powerful performances from taies Farzan, to Pierre Kiwitt, to the legendary Vadim Glowna and all the rest who are wonderfully on the spot. With Hitler's Grave shokof diminishes all that doubt that he can not tell a story or the trash talks about his extraordinary original body of works that never tried to tell a story but to create amazing atmospheres hardly seen in any films in the history of motion picture. he tells this grand tale of love,peacefulness,and the guts for reaching freedom at any price (never before has an Iranian Director dared to include such bold scenes or statements against the Iranian Islamic Republic of Iran.not even 3 minutes of such brave scenes in the last 30 years) with historic and epic depth in such simple form and manner that it reminds one of Renoir films ,or,a mix of story telling habits by grand cinema geniuses such as Chaplin,or even Keaton (though on many occasions the film is anything but funny). Hitler's Grave can and in my opinion should finally award the first Iranian Director Daryush Shokof with all the credits the world of cinema has to offer to such a most unique and wonderful piece of film making . my Oscars go to the best film,best script,best directing and finally and above all best acting by the only Iranian actress Taies Farzan who also deserves to win it. for me this film is a 10 for many ten many good reasons.