• Warning: Spoilers
    The movie is a bit over-hyped. And I do think that Pulp Fiction should have gotten the Academy Award that year. But there are many times when I disagreed with the winner and this is the one time where I am not too upset because it is still a great movie.

    It shows us the history through the eyes of Forrest Hump. He has a low IQ and this makes them look at things with the eyes of an innocent and pure person.

    I disagree with the people who believe that the message of the movie is that one should never question authority. Forrest doesn't just follow. While he doesn't analyze his actions much, he usually does what he feels like. He does save Lt. Taylor even though he is telling him to leave him. He has a bunch of people following him on his run, which I think is another example where it shows that one should not just follow but try to understand why. And I never saw Jenny as a bad character. She was an abused person trying to find herself. Her death is not some kind of punishment for her actions and the fact that she was fighting for social changes. It is just a "part of life", and her life ends well because at the end of it she is finally at peace with herself. She lived a life that she wanted and at the end had a family and realized that Forrest is the one who loved her more than anyone even though she used to think that he doesn't know what love is.

    The acting is very good. I loved Robyn Wright as Jenny and Gary Sinise as Ltd. Taylor.

    I don't think it is a political propaganda of any kind. I don't know what the political beliefs of the director are, but I didn't feel it was pushing us in any way.

    The movie has many messages. One would be to take all of lives opportunities. That even when it seems like nothing good will happen it might. That one should fight for what one believes in. That one can find love in the most unusual places It is a very sweet movie. One shouldn't take it to seriously, analyze it on a political level or wait for it to be believable. It is very unique and interesting. A bit too long and too sweet maybe, it is still very good