• Warning: Spoilers
    The bleach movie is basically a long filler episode but nonetheless, a good filler episode.

    First off, the animation is superb. I disagree with what critics and others are saying that the animation backgrounds are stagnant and characters look stiff. The animation backgrounds are the best i've seen so far in the bleach series and characters look fluent and move even more realistic.

    Second, the soundtrack and voice actors were also great. It's great to hear the familiar voices and music that make Bleach so good.

    The only two problems i really have are the characters used and the storyline. Basically, it's almost the same problems i had with the bount storyline.

    The storyline seemed intriguing in the beginning because you really are trying to figure out this mystery of what blank souls are. Then we find out it's some evil clan that was banished who wants revenge on the Soul society. It's disappointing that there was no plot twist. That's bad for either a bleach fan or a non fan because it just looks too simplistic. Evil clan wants to destroy good clan because they were banished. That's it? Yup that's it. Other parts were a bit confusing and some parts could have been cut out.

    Second, i still don't see the point of throwing in certain characters. Granted, obviously Ichigo and Rukia are a must for the whole movie, but was Izuru Kira or any of the other soul society Lt's needed? What about Chad, or Orihime? Nope not necessary since they really didn't do anything. Again, as a fan, i appreciate that they tried to throw in familiar faces, but again, i would not throw in a face if they don't even matter.

    Lastly, of course the big problem with filler episodes/movies is character attachment. Granted i did like Senna, but ultimately we all knew she wasn't going to be around. Neither were any of the Evil ones.So basically we knew they would no longer be seen in any form in the main bleach storyline.

    Overall though, i still give it a 7 because as much as the storyline and characters could be flawed, from a pure entertainment value, it did it's job. I liked that the Evil ones would be killed quickly instead of being long and drawn out like the bount storyline. I like that Senna had enough backstory for you to care about her but not too much that you wouldn't get attached and be completely bummed out that she was never in any other Bleach story. Finally i like that the storyline was simplistic to follow and not a convoluted, dragged out mess like the bount storyline. Strait and to the point.