• It's a very nice idea. In other reviews the same has been said: a nice blend of genres, etc. A 9 for originality. A 1 for all the rest.

    Every single aspect of every single scene is soooo very really unbelievably BAD!

    Her accent: totally unnatural and incredibly annoying. Her language: totally unnatural and incredibly annoying. You know who I'm talking about. Pretty much the same goes for her daughter and the thirteen year old looking doc: what they say makes no sense half of the time and what they bring to the table is... wait, it's nothing: he has absolutely no skill (which shows in every episode: Magnus does all the work) and neither does she: she thinks she can fight but she gets her ass kicked all the time!

    Yet, somehow at the end of every episode (I've seen 9 and cannot bare to watch a single second anymore) everything worked out and they win... Weird.

    Also, Magnus contradicts herself at every turn. Even if you don't pay any attention, you gotta see that! Also, what's with her having been friends with every single famous person? Even if you're 200 years old, you can't have known em all can you? Also, everyone in her family seems to be (or have been) brilliant and a scientist (or pretty much the most famous person in England).

    Also, please get some acting lessons or something! It's a deadly combination of: The story is bad, there is no guiding principle, everything they do and stand for is unbelievable (literally, I just don't believe them), Magnus' voice is incredibly annoying AND they can't act! AND: They can't act!! It's a pain to look at! Every they themselves are just standing there like they don't know what to do!