• Warning: Spoilers

    Funny summary I know, I just started to really watch short movies today. Stop-motion in general, this was the second I watched. First I'll say this is the most visually stunning stop-motion film you will ever see to date! The way it is filmed and the characters move, it's like they had motion captured actors and put clay on them! The music was very moody and added great to the emotion of the film. As far as the story goes, I thought it was pretty moving. You see, I think that this character had a real fear of death (Like most of us) I think that the muggers or thieves if you want to call them were body snatchers. It was displayed in the scene when the tennis player gets one of his organs cut out. So, when she was running through the train at the end toward the bright light. Well, I think you see were I'm getting at now. Also, the moth that turns into an angelic being at the end. It just makes sense that she was also killed by the body snatchers and died and went to her afterlife. It was moving for me, and I don't think it's Neo-Nazistic.

    I rate it an 9 for artistic approach, music & emotional story.