• I will give credit where it's due, it's better than ChalkZone, which is by far and away Nickelodean's worst, but Rocket Power I just find really annoying and repetitive. The concept intrigued me, and I liked some of the colourful backgrounds, but in terms of praise that's all I can give.

    The animation is variable, liked the colours and backgrounds, hated the character designs which were weird. The music is okay at best, but some of it is annoying. The writing is pretty much wretched, it is unfunny and the "cool" catchphrases really grate after a couple of episodes. And the story lines are so repetitive, it feels like they do the same thing over and over, where's the variety? And I disliked the characters in general, they at worst annoyed me and felt like stereotypes, particularly Otto and Regina. The voice acting has its moments, but the actors don't have much to work with both in writing and character.

    All in all, annoying and repetitive. Not Nick's worst, but it is one of them, for me anyway. 2/10 Bethany Cox