• After a long period studying in Europe, Giselle (Alba Valeria) returns to Brazil and spends the days in the farm of her father Luccini (Nildo Parente). When her stepmother and aunt Haydée (Maria Lúcia Dahl) unexpectedly sees Giselle making love with the foreman Angelo (Carlo Mossy) in a waterfall, Haydée shuts Giselle up and they have sex. When Haydée's son Serginho (Ricardo Faria) arrives in the farm from Rio de Janeiro, he goes to the town to buy cigarettes and they have a fight in the bar with three strangers. When Serginho and Angelo return to the farm, they have sex and Giselle joins them in a three some. Along the days and the nights, Giselle, Angelo, Haydée, Serginho and the doctor Ana (Monique Lafond) has all sort of kinky sex while their family decays.

    "Giselle" is a bold and polemic movie about the physical and moral decadency of a family with the most different combinations of kinky non-explicit sex. Along the dull story, the introduction shows a stallion having sex with a stud mare. Then there are conventional sex between man and woman; masculine and feminine homosexual relationships; threesome; orgy; pedophilia; rape; executions; vigilantism; unethical behavior, all of that along about 90 minute running time. Alba Valeria is very sexy and spontaneous undressing in every scene. In 1980, this movie was a sort of relief valve in times of military dictatorship in Brazil showing the disintegration of the institution family and my wife and I watched it in the movie-theater. In accordance with the information of Carlo Mossy in the DVD, more than 14-million viewers watched this film in the movie-theaters and it is the top box office of Brazilian movies ever. My vote is four.

    Title (Brazil): "Giselle"