• People are gonna hate me for saying it, but there it is: Stargate is better than Star Trek. Don't get me wrong, Star Trek is a great show. Historicaly , Star Trek set the bar for Sci-Fi shows and I am a big fan of TNG and Enterprise series.

    However, Star Trek was always more "Fi" rather than "Sci", technologies mentioned in it are mostly fictional and the solutions for the problems the crew runs into on the show are most of the time far-fetched and sometimes borderline ridiculous.

    Stargate, on the other hand, beginning with SG-1 and continuing with Atlantis, creates a believable scenario, by relating to actual historic facts (aliens pretending to be gods in order to enslave/study/help humans). It also presents us (usually) with decent and plausible explanations for the technologies used or for the events taking place.

    What I love mostly about Stargate is how it managed to create a Sci-Fi show where the characters have to rely mostly on their wits to solve difficult situations or to defeat technologically superior races, and also that it manages to throw in some quality humour.

    The cast is brilliantly chosen for both SG-1 and Atlantis, creating a family-like environment and making a great show to watch for everybody.