• Warning: Spoilers
    I'm somewhat surprised that so many people gave this movie such a great review. One person hated it.

    There needs to be a happy medium here. On the whole, the film was pretty lame. Yes, it has a nice romantic ending. Fine. Lots of film have charming endings. I don't begrudge this. It also starts off well. It seemed to have potential for a nice romantic movie though even then it wouldn't be as funny as some seem to think it is I think for me the film went off the rails after he is thrown off the boat. I really don't understand what happened here, first off. They are sleeping need the water and he wakes up, tells her he will go for food. Some fisherman think he is trespassing or something and throws him into the water. But, and my companion said this too, isn't he still right near where he started? Why go on a long ride far away -- in a country where he doesn't know the language -- and leave Juli behind? The film then just got more and more dumb. An extended sequence where some somewhat crazy person robs him. He tries to get his money back but then is chased, though right after he accosts her, it is clear to someone else she is a thief. He hangs on top of her van in a high speed chase, she's stopped by a bunch of police but then he is able to drive away with the van somehow. He meets up with Juli again largely by chance and is able to cross a border by claiming to be married to her and giving the guard the stolen van. They then steal a car. These are both supposed to be nice people, mind you, but they just steal a car. Oh, later he is able to easily escape from prison. And so on.

    I'm willing to suspend some belief, but this got to be too much. The film, again the person who watched it with me agreed, also simply isn't that funny. The fact various absurd things happen doesn't change this. We don't even get much time of the together. The scene where a trucker fakes getting fresh with him so that Daniel will fight with him is sweet though it seems to come a bit too early in the story. But, I don't think there was enough romance in the film either.

    There are many road movies where two people fall in love, including American films like "The Sure Thing," which is how it should be done. This is somewhat enjoyable as a lark, but overall, it is not really well done at all. The leads are decent, though I like the woman better, but really, there aren't great either. Maybe, this is a culture thing, though again, I saw various European films, and liked them.

    This simply isn't that good. It's okay, but apparently has a strong following among some people. One more thing -- some don't like the drug use. This is silly. The drug use amounts to one fairly cute (again, nothing overly special) scene where they share a marijuana cigarette, something he apparently never did before. The other scene involves his drink being spiked so that he could be robbed. That's it.