• Warning: Spoilers
    It is not often that you see a super star play a bad man , or playboy with immoral background in a 1970s bollywood film..But Rajesh Khanna in 1972 does exactly that..He plays a successful painter with a past he would love to forget as he has now found the company of the dream girl, Tanujaa who is a eye specialist Doctor... After some misunderstandings the lovers are about to be united, but fate wills otherwise and Rajesh meets with an accident and becomes a prisoner of the vamp Helen who has a score to settle with him... The story then takes some dramatic twists and is worth a view.. A little bit adult tone of the movie is something of a surprise in mainstream Hindi cinema but handled quite well. But the show-stealers are Kishore Kumar's Hit songs like 'Oh Mere Dil ke chain', 'deewana leke aayaa hoon' and 'Kitne armaan' and 'Chala jaata hoon' which are evergreen melodies of RD Burman era.. Good film to catch for Rajesh Khanna fans and connoisseurs of Romantic 1970s films