• I remember this show but I am positively definitely not at all glad that I do remember it because it sucked.

    Train 48 was an awful daily show with some of the worst story lines and acting I have ever sat through in my life.

    I saw it from the first episode and tried to get into it (it was kind of like a soap opera) and I desperately wanted to like it because there are not very many good Canadian TV shows especially comedy wise so I pulled for it but after three weeks I was done, I couldn't sit through another minute of it.

    You'd think after that long I'd be hooked on a story line or something but no it just sucked that much and I hated it. The writing was just terrible, even though it was mostly improvized on the spot apparently still they write the stories they don't just make everything up, and it was very bad.

    I tried watching again the second season but it had not gotten any better, it was a really awful show.