• 18 September 2010
    So I'm 26 and jaded. I most often hate the world and everything in it. Well that being said I absolutely lost myself watching this movie. I had seen the two before it as a kid growing up but I never felt so strong about them as I do with this one. I have spent the last couple weeks after seeing this movie spreading the word about how awesome it was. The theme is so universal that anyone despite their background or feelings can absolutely relate. We've all been to that place were we feel like we've been used and that were done with. The feeling as if we have nowhere to go or anyone to turn to. I really want everyone to experience the overwhelming feelings that boiled inside of me as this movie came to an end. The second the toys held hands at one point my face absolutely exploded and from there it didn't relent. Seriously I could not breathe it was almost to much. But its not. Go see it. Now.......................................what are you waiting for?