• Warning: Spoilers
    If you really want to see a movie about a father who won't accept his daughter is growing up, then see 'Father of the Bride' (Danza also did this on an episode of 'Who's the Boss?'). This is a mediocre effort. I could use the word 'extremely', but the movie does have its moments. But mostly this plays like an episode of a sitcom that's been on the air for several years and has run out of ideas. Catherine Hicks is the only one who turns in a believable performance. And I did not believe, for a second, any of the scenes that take place in the psychiatrist's office. Yes, Danza's character needs help alright, but the acting between these two didn't convince me he was really getting it. Danza's hamming it up here, and a couple scenes towards the end are predictable. If there really is anybody out of control, it's the father.

    ** out of ****