• True, it bravely parades a felony act right before our very eyes and most people can't understand why anyone would live in such a way, but Sister Wives is definitely interesting enough to catch and maintain your attention.

    I spend most of the episodes trying to determine if these wives are truly as happy and pleased with their lifestyle as they constantly insist they are. Voices breaking from emotion are frequent and usually when describing how "rewarding" this life is but one can't help but wonder if there isn't something deeper and far less amiable at play as well.

    The wives are more expressive than I had expected them to be regarding territorial issues and feelings of jealousy and they do admit to their occasional presence, but what they seem to consider the "fringe benefits" of their lifestyle,(help with their children, housework and lets' face it,someone to talk to) feels more to me like what is keeping their stronger emotions in check.

    One does feel a bit sorry for these women as it often feels like they are being cheated, but if their expressions of satisfaction are genuine, are they really being robbed of anything? It is that steady, back and forth dilemma that as far as I'm concerned makes this show irresistible---despite it's moral or legal questionably.