• This is one of the vary rare funny German movies that I know. But I must warn you from the beginning on as this movie is only interesting if you have seen some of the original, spooky and very charming German Edgar Wallace movies that have been released between the late fifties and the early seventies. Many allusions, for example the names of the characters and locations, the reasons why some scenes have been turned in black and white and even some dialogues refer to those movies that almost every German knows and that are today considered as cult movies. The famous "black abbot" becomes the "coloured abbot", the "green archer" becomes the "stupid archer", the famous "Blackwood Castle" becomes the "Blackwhite Castle" and some new characters as the "ass with ears", "Edgar Wallace's neighbour" and of course the butler "Alfons Hatler" are added in this hilarious movie. In fact, the title "Der Wixxer" is an allusion to the Edgar Wallace novel and movie "Der Hexer" ("The magician"). "Der Wixxer" is an allusion to the German insult "Wichser" which means "Masturbator". That also explains the names of the two inspectors from Scotland Yard "Inspector Very Long" and "Chief Inspector Even Longer". If you don't know any of these movies, you will still get delivered a very funny and entertaining movie, but you won't understand all the jokes. At least, I hope that you might more understand some appearances of certain characters and some jokes with my introduction.

    Many extremely famous German celebrities have some really hilarious cameo appearances in this movie like the quiz-master Günter Jauch, the famous television star and musician Dieter Bohlen or the folklore musicians and brothers called Wildecker Herzbuben. They all present themselves in a very ridiculous way and don't mind laughing about themselves. Some of the best and most underrated German comedians played in a really convincing way in this movie like Oliver Welke, Olli Dittrich or Christoph Maria Herbst.

    Though the movie is an excellent comedy movie, there is still a very spooky atmosphere, some tension and some action added to the whole thing and the movie never gets boring at all. The movie has been a big success in Germany and a less good sequel has been created a few years later but many people forgot about this hilarious movie. I really think that this movie should be more known outside of Germany as it really represents in a good way a very the funny side and the humour that the Germans certainly have but which many people don't know because it is only the social-critic dramas or "We are the bad Germans" world war movies that have had some success.

    If you really want to know something about German humour, German culture and German high society or celebrities, this movie is an absolute must have. If you want to see an original and well done comedy movie, this movie is a must have too. For me, it is probably the best comedy movie of the decade and I must admit that is really hard to make me laugh and I prefer watch other kinds of movie normally. If I think this is funny, comedy movie freaks might just adore it even more.

    Don't think about it any longer, just watch it!