• Warning: Spoilers
    Lets see, first 5 mins we learn about Mary. Next 50 mins is teens partying and, surprise, surprise, having sex. What is it with the black girl and the sounds she is making when in the bedroom??? Sounds like she's drinking a quart of liquid or something.......then we start some gore action, then it's basically over before it began, a bit like some of the male characters when in the bedrooms.

    I popped out to the kitchen to make a brew and when i got back the gang had all moved over to the old Psycho hospital, why, well you got me there too, i dunno????? Why not jump in your cars and go to the cop shop???? Bit too easy i suppose.

    And the kicker that always wrecks a good horror for me is the girls.

    WHY the hell do they have to whimper loud enough for a bull to hear, they are suppose to be hiding you know, not giving away their locations!!!!!! ARRRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! On review, I HATE this MOVIE and i think the producer and script writers are voyeurs who get their rocks off watching teen actors simulating sex.

    The part with the Mary hatchett Tampon throwing online game is really not needed as well, that just shows the mindset of whoever wrote this movie.