• Warning: Spoilers
    The success of the HBO show Big Love and the many bestselling books about the FLDS and Warren Jeffs has put the spotlight on a topic we Americans find very interesting. So here in this era of reality shows, we have the Brown family who consist of one husband, Kody Brown and his 3 wives and many children who live polygamy in a very non sensational way. The premise is timely and intriguing. They all live under one roof in a lovely, spacious home and all the Moms (and Dad) take good care of all the kids seeing that they get enough to eat, are educated and even the girls are encouraged to go to college and be whatever they want to be. Unlike what we've been accustomed to believe regarding polygamy in the US, they seem to be able to afford their many children. The show gives us a glimpse of a seemingly, normal family who just happen to be in the process of taking on a new sister wife, Robyn a 30 year old woman with 3 children of her own.

    I can forgive a lot and there is much I can overlook but the one thing that can't be overlooked is how uninteresting this show is and maybe that's the point, to show America that "normal" polygamous families do exist and they seem to be a lot like us. They make sure their kids get up for school on time, prepare breakfast, go to work, cook dinner, make sure the kids to their homework and oh yeah, share their Daddy with the other Mommies who live with them and try to hold in the jealously in trying to deal with dividing their limited time with their husband with yet another sister wife. Understandably they want to be seen as separate from the child brides who leave school at 13 to marry old man who can't support their enormous families. Well they've got me to like this nice family and while I don't approve of their lifestyle on a personal level, I do accept their right to live their lives. But as entertainment, this show is not even as good as the worst Brady Bunch episode.