• Warning: Spoilers
    That's what they should call this show, it's clearly his first love. He flips his hair around more than all of his wives and daughters combined have done (on air, anyway). I've watched every episode and I am far from traditional, my standards for lifestyle begin and end with happiness. I see Kody is giddy happy with his new wife but see the tears and struggles with his legal wife and some with his third wife and I just don't see the of religious doctrine that breaks hearts and gives a man a free pass to embark on a romantic phase that he admits he never experienced before wife number 4. The fact that he's feeling this now would hurt me horribly if I were his first wife, 2nd or 3rd. The fact that he's gleefully broadcasting this to the world on television makes it so much worst, add to that it would just be the ultimate humiliation. Wife 4 likes to say the polygamist lifestyle "rubs off" the rough spots. I just can't imagine agreeing with that. I might refer to that process more as a "wearing down" of aspects of self that should never be given up.

    And the children. I have several and I can't count the times they've all needed something at the same time and I am fielding multiple conversations and requests all at once. No way he can be the father they deserve. Maybe he's not the worst father, maybe he's not abusive in a glaring sense of the word and maybe they have their doctrine to keep them warm at night. But no way is it all lollipops and gumdrops for the kids the way they seem to try to portray. What's glaring to me is how they can only feature so many of the kids in each segment. Nothing against the kids, what I've seen of them, they seem quite decent.