• Warning: Spoilers
    I was curious where this story was going to. In part 1 (I'm guessing you have seen that, so no spoilers for the sequel, but for part 1) Til was a reporter, for a tabloid newspaper, but by the end of it, he committed to be work at a Kindergarden. Plus it seemed Tils character and Noras were about to start one very good relationship. But the way the movie starts is a marathon of clichés (about relationships and men/women respectively). And it's not done in a funny way either ... you just get scene after scene, wondering when the movie actually is going to start or not.

    Of course you might think this is nit-picking and if you watched the movie and liked it, good for you. I wished I could have, but I couldn't really like it (even though there are a few nice scenes, that do not involve excrement or other premature jokes) ...