• This movie tries to be a clever one but it does this by not making any sense at all.

    This is really one pointless movie to watch because it just isn't heading anywhere with its story. There is no tension or mystery because everything in this movie seems so incredibly stupid and pointless. The entire idea behind the concept of this movie is that once you have solved enough certain riddles you will get to see the entire pattern and meaning of life. Guess this is something that could had still worked out, if the movie had only truly been a clever one.

    The riddles in this movie instead feel so utterly pointless and on top of that are also quite stupid ones. Further more it really doesn't become apparent in this movie how solving these riddles will get you anywhere. OK so you read a name when you write down a sentence on a piece of paper and hold it against a mirror. Great...now what? Seriously, this stuff is going nowhere and in the long run nothing in it makes really sense, since the movie simply doesn't bother to explain very much. It just thinks that it's enough to confuse its viewer and to present it with difficult riddles, that however serve no purpose for the movie at all it seems because the movie really doesn't provide much back-story for anything at all.

    It's a real problem with this movie that it sees itself as a clever one. It takes itself very serious, which just seemed like a stupid move, considering its simplistic story. It also makes all of the actions from the characters seem like very unlikely ones. Everybody in this movie is behaving as if solving some riddles written on a wall somewhere is the most important thing in the world and needs to get done, regardless of any danger or foul play involved with it.

    Yes, I really hated this movie because of its approach and story. I just didn't got anything out of this movie while watching. It would had been better, or at least more interesting, to me if the movie actually had a a big mystery to be solved in it, like the disappearances of something or someone or a murderer that needs to be stopped. That way the story the story and all of its riddles could had more of served a purpose for the entire movie. Instead now the movie seems like a real pointless one but above all things also a terribly uninteresting one.

    Yes, the movie definitely did still showed some potential but it basically all gets wasted as the movie moves along, despite the actor's hard efforts to still make something good out of it all.

    Nothing interesting, tense or mysterious to be found here. Just some pointless, simplistic drivel about solving some silly riddles.