• For those who love dramas as much as I do, this film promises to be an unforgettable treat. From what I can gather, the storyline is something that can happen to you, your loved ones, or your neighbors. How do you deal with profound disappointment? And failure? And surprises and shocks of this world? And how do you climb out from under them all? This movie may achieve the impossible: bring us closer to ourselves... face our inner most fears, anxieties, weakness, but also expectations, strengths, and hope...

    Here is a young girl (Nehir Erdogan) full of hope, excitement, expectations, and drive, coming to the United States with the "American Dream" firmly stored in memory, but perhaps not as prepared as one should be (is anyone ever?,) starts climbing the ladder that is called life. What happens after this is chillingly realistic, warmly humane, and disturbingly common. It is just that we choose to ignore such stories in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.

    This films, at least for me, brings home the message we all dread: "This can happen to you".

    I cannot wait to watch this movie on the big screen at a theater "near me"!