• Long Island, NY, 1978: little Mary chops up her parents with an axe.

    Eleven years later, and Mary, now a big breasted babe residing at Kings Park Psychiatric Centre, is raped by a night guard, resulting in the birth of a daughter nine months later. However, Mary is informed that her child died during delivery and, shortly after, she escapes leaving a trail of corpses behind her. Completely naked, covered in blood, and clutching a severed head, Mary is finally apprehended by the police, who shoot her dead.

    Years later, the story of Mary Hatchet has become an local legend, the day of her death a public holiday during which teenagers get drunk and play pranks. But when a group of high school students go one step further and summon Mary's spirit with a Ouija board, Blood Night really lives up to its name...

    Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet was never intended to be anything but a mindless gore-fest with some quality T&A, and to that end it succeeds brilliantly, but it would have been nice to have seen just a little more effort go into the story. Had the makers tried a tad harder in the plot department, then this film might possibly have become an instant all-time favourite, rather than simply 'fun while it lasts'.

    Still, 'fun while it lasts' is better than no fun at all, and at least this one fulfilled my immediate desire to see a bunch of good looking teens getting it on before being slaughtered in a variety of very gruesome ways. After quite a bit of partying hard and a bit of slap and tickle—best moments: a discussion about whether thongs are better than boyshorts, and a lucky guy getting broken in by total hottie Jen (Maryam Basir)—the graphic bloodletting begins and continues unabated until the final frame. Gory delights include a bloke having his head cut in half during sex, a girl having her guts wound out with a pick-axe, and a face being sliced in half (the victim's brains spilling onto the floor).

    6.5 out of 10, generously rounded up to 7 for all the boobs, buns and blood.