• Finally, CW is getting some series that even I can relate to! A young woman, with family issues, finds herself in jeopardy regarding her college tuition. Many of us have been there. In fact, just the financial dilemma is a point of commonality.

    As a 24-year-old woman in the 70s, raising a 4-year-old daughter, I remember the burden-of-creativity that befell my own poor little pea-brain. I was college bound, for certain, but what were my options as far as shelter and putting food on the table? There was no way I could dance at bars and retain my status as a good mother (besides, I could not dance and I would have had to drive 92 miles to a bar with such amenities). So, I tried out for the college Woman's Volleyball/Basketball team and made the cut. This accorded me a scholarship and on campus work-study. What an unexpected opportunity for a female during the 1970's!

    I love this show, the actors, the problems the characters have to deal with... So far, overall I see a lot of real life. I hope it stays that way. With the cheer leading, wide ranging family issues, and the great music, this is entertainment!