• Warning: Spoilers
    First off the story, when i played the first i thought that some of the plot points where the best, you get the answers and in this you get the question e.g. the phone call to torque about his previous jail time, when you play the sequel you finally understand what she was talking about. at first i thought that the monsters in torques hometown was a bit of a lazy idea but as gave it more thought i began to realise that this was a very good idea, because he trying to cut the ties to the demons that have been playing him since childhood, and the character of Blackmore was one of the best twist ever in a game because when you find that he is actually torques dark alter ego created in the depths of his sub-consciences to keep him occupied as a lonely orphan only makes the saying 'the greatest battle lye's within'. the supporting doctor killjoy is one of the most ambiguous people to ever grace a game, even if you complete the game 100 times you may never fully understand if he was actually trying to help torque or if it was all an accident. one of the most epic games ever 9/10