• The IMDb recommends "Beau Geste" and "Fort Saganne " but actually "Les Réprouvés" reminds you of Duvivier' s "La Bandera" released two years before.La Legion Etrangère was the way to escape from law (see also " Beau Geste" and the title of this movie speaks for itself (= the reprobates,the outcasts).This is the story in which a dirty dozen (or threesome ) redeem themselves .No Jean Gabin,but an earnest thespian ,Jean Servais who is mainly remembered for his parts of mature men.The scene when he brings back a jerboa to the heroine (his nickname is "jerboa" and she does not know what it is) is touching.But that that woman should be in this remote isolate fort (because she is in love with the lieutenant who is actually a ruined aristocrat!) means that your disbelief needs to be suspended ;Duvivier did not indulge himself such an unlikelihood.

    This movie and "La Bandera" are equivalents of some of the Chansons Realistes ,particularly Edith Piaf's "Mon Légionnaire" and "Le Fanion De La Légion" ,the last part of the film being exactly an illustration of the latter song.The enemy (referred in Duvivier's work as "Les Salopards " (the bastards) is more visible in "Les Réprouvés" but they do not have a word to say ,they are extras villains .