• Warning: Spoilers
    This is a real treat! You know those rare occasions when you are channel hopping and come across a film that sounds like it could be okay? Well, this is how I ended up being totally absorbed by this film. And I mean totally, by the end nothing could tear me away from the screen.

    Other reviewers have already done a great job articulating the actual story line, so it is pointless me repeating it again.

    The power of this film lies in the fine performances - of ALL the cast - including the extras. I was genuinely fascinated to read one of the reviewers here writing about their experiences as an extra on this film. Also not at all surprised to hear the 'method' style approach to those terrifying scenes on the plane, because this is just so horribly convincing. Great work by you all, seriously, a film like this succeeds or fails on its extras!

    Anyone had the misfortune to experience a long haul flight in Economy recently? Yes? Well, the film makers position you right in that plane with the hostages and you can almost smell the sweat and fear, sense the claustrophobia. Similarly, the terrorists' agitation is convincing and truly terrifying. The actor who plays the leader is just fantastic in the role. Watching him swing between the human being that he is and the terrorist / freedom fighter with a gun in his hand is revealing. SPOILER: Watch this guy's performance during the birthday cake scenes: 'Everybody sing!' It is watching a man edging ever further into madness, into the abyss, credit again to the actor. Having said that, all of the actors in lead roles are magnificent.

    I could go on....in short: If you see this on television, even if you do not normally watch a sub titled film, watch it. Highly recommended.