• Warning: Spoilers
    My family (me + wife + two young daughters) were living in Tricky Dick's D.C. when we watched EVERY episode of this remarkable series. Funny, informative, irreverent, radical, brilliant!

    I found this IMDb historical record, following a link in the extended cast of City Island. Marshall Efron's name leaped off the screen as I watched the City Island cast credits. He was one of my heroes of the 70's because of The Great American Dream Machine.

    Here's a fond memory, which is not really a spoiler because it appears none of us will have the opportunity to see these wonderful shows again:

    Marshall did regular product reviews. My favorite was a demonstration of a home trash compactor, which he ended with, "Only in American can you get people to pay $200 for a machine that turns 20 pounds of trash into 20 pounds of trash."